6 December 2019

Nowadays, everyone needs to know how to use the computer. However there are still almost a quarter (24.3%) of adults can’t use the computer (World Economic Forum, 2017). On top of this, only 5% of the population have reached the most proficient level of computer knowledge.

Excel is an essential tool for the workplace, as it is one of the most common tools used across all offices and companies as the standard software for creating data sheets.

Our Excel course is a hands-on, practical, one-day course offered for only £130 per person. It offers the opportunity for learners to build on their existing skills, explore and practice further functions and learn ways of using Excel more efficiently and effectively.

Our trainer, Linda who is the founder of Keystrokes, has glowing recommendations from previous learners. These include ‘Very informative course. I feel like I have a lot away with me. Trainer was engaging, informative and helpful.’ and ‘Course materials were comprehensive and easy to understand. The tutor was friendly, engaging and knowledgeable.’

The number of workers receiving employment-based training in the UK is 67.5% (OCED, 2019). That means there are over 30% of people in work are not getting the support or training that may or may not be offered. Training should be available to everyone, which is why at YMCA Bournemouth we make every course we host affordable, so no matter your background, you can upskill yourself.

By the time you finish, you’ll no longer find working with spreadsheets scary, and you can even use your new found skills to increase your productivity at work.

Since August 2018, over 400 individuals and representatives of local organisations achieved certification from YMCA Bournemouth and their partners.

YMCA Bournemouth host a range of courses, Excel being the newest. Rachel Dismor, from St Marys Longfleet attended a First Aid course in April 2019, in which she said, ‘The course was very informative with friendly staff and helpful practical sessions.’

Course attendees have given feedback on other courses. Shelly Weeks, from Communications Consultants Worldwide Ltd was asked about the various course YMCA Bournemouth host: ‘I have completed numerous First Aid and Health & Safety training courses at YMCA over the past few years and have always been impressed. Would definitely recommend!!’

If you are interested in attending an excel course or any other course that YMCA Bournemouth host, go to https://ymcabournemouth.org.uk/training/ to find out more, or email martin.stockley@ymcabournemouth.org.uk.