17 April 2020

The YMCA has been serving people in this local community for over 140 years. Those who have gone before us lived through economic crashes, epidemics and wars; and we are all now called upon in this generation to serve humanity with that same compassion, hope, faith and dignity. We continue to draw upon the inspiration of our faith and history in our commitment to the community we know and love.

Despite some of our centres being temporarily closed and our significant financial losses due to the lockdown, most of our staff continue to serve vulnerable adults, families, children and young people in our communities. Our supported accommodation, children’s centres, young people and family support centres are still operating and we are being called upon to do more than ever in this time. I want to publicly thank our staff and volunteers for their immense courage, dedication and professionalism. I truly am proud to be a part of this team. Your local YMCA is far more than a fun song, they are an orchestra of care for the world.

We remain here to help our community and are steadfast in our resolve to do all we can to bring aid to those who need it most. If you need help, please do get in contact; and if you wish to partner with us to help others, please consider supporting us.

How can you help? https://ymcabournemouth.org.uk/get-involv…/donation-options/

Gareth Sherwood
Chief Executive Officer