12 October 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Wessex Packaging is supporting the YMCA’s ‘Sleep Easy Challenge’ events in Dorset.

Organised by YMCA Bournemouth, a Bournemouth based charity, the ‘Sleep Easy Challenge’ encourages schools, businesses and individuals, to raise funds for the charity, by “sleeping rough for one night, so others don’t have to”.

The YMCA Bournemouth has raised thousands of pounds, over recent years, through the ‘Sleep Easy Challenge’ – which has gone towards tackling some of the issues of homelessness and to offer support to local homeless people.

Throughout the year, ‘Sleep Easy’ participants fundraise for YMCA Bournemouth and then on the night of their challenge event, build shelters out of cardboard boxes, before spending a night (in a safe environment) ‘sleeping rough so others don’t have to’.

As a long-established family business serving business customers across Dorset, the South West and South Wales, Wessex Packaging is proud to be partnering with YMCA Bournemouth. Wessex is donating cardboard boxes to schools in both Poole and Ferndown to help students with their shelters for the night.

Sheena Dayman, Events Manager at YMCA Bournemouth says: “We’re so pleased that the team at Wessex Packaging are helping us in a really practical way for this year’s “Sleep Easy Challenge”. This significant donation will help the students create their own shelters for the night, some of which are usually very creative!

This kind of support from local businesses in Dorset and Somerset is much appreciated, and our thanks go to the Wessex Packaging team for their donation, delivery and organisational help.”

Steve Chipchase, Wessex Packaging’s Account Manager, says: “As | live in the area, | know the great work that YMCA Bournemouth does to support our local community, and we’re thrilled to be able to support Sheena and all the participants in their “Sleep Easy Challenges” in Poole and Ferndown. We wish them every success.”

You can find out more about, and donate to, the “Sleep Easy Challenge” on the YMCA Bournemouth website here: https:/www.ymcabournemouth.org.uk/housing/sleep-easys-2023/